19 April 2021

The CoolTone Experience

As non-invasive procedures rise in popularity, we are adding more to our menu of services. One of our favorite non-invasive treatments is CoolTone by Cool Sculpting. Although this procedure is called “CoolTone,” it has nothing to do with freezing fat cells. Instead, it uses magnetic force to stimulate involuntary muscle contraction, which results in a tighter and more toned appearance. One session of CoolTone has been compared to doing 20,000 – 30,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes, all while laying down. Sound too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it!

Meet Jenny Lane, owner of Jennylaneyoga.com, an online yoga studio that provides on-demand yoga classes both in-person and online. She is a mother, a healer, and an entrepreneur. Jenny’s business is fitness and wellness, so she exercises consistently and eats well, but still, she wasn’t satisfied with the definition in her abdomen despite hours of core workouts. Then, she found CoolTone at Embody MedSpa and all of that changed.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Jenny Lane. I own jennylaneyoga.com, which provides on-demand yoga classes, yoga teacher training, and crystal healer courses. I am a single mother to a wonderful little boy, and I love the beach.

Q:  How did you hear of Cooltone?

A friend of mine suggested it to me. She had a very successful experience at Embody and explained that CoolTone is a non-invasive process that triggers the same muscle-building contractions that we create whenever we exercise. She said for her, the result was a stronger, more defined abdomen.

Q: In the end, what made you decide to move forward with Cooltone

As someone who tries to live as authentically and honestly as possible, it seemed as though Cooltone was a way to try a new treatment without losing sight of my values. This treatment is non-invasive, which is important to me, and I liked that it was essentially a compliment to my established fitness routine.

Q: Tell us about the experience at Embody MedSpa.

Both Sharon and Stacy are incredible! They made me feel welcome right away. The environment was clean, open and I felt safe the entire time. In the beginning, we chatted a lot to build a connection as the treatment level slowly intensified. As the treatments went on, I became so comfortable that I used my appointment as an opportunity to read in silence for a half-hour which, as a single parent, is a rare treat!

Q: Was it painful? What did it feel like? 

It was not painful at all. It felt like a contraction, but not an intense pregnancy contraction – more like someone was helping you squeeze your muscles tightly as possible. It’s a strange sensation, but not in any way painful.

Q: How many sessions did you have?

I had 6. Two sessions a week for 3 weeks.

Q: Describe your results.

I could see a difference after every session. My abdomen feels and looks so much tighter. The photos truly speak for themselves!

Q: How did CoolTone make you feel?

Amazing. I have always worn a bikini, but after becoming a mom, I was a bit body-conscious. I have been working for years on self-love and yoga; I genuinely feel confident almost always. This treatment simply added a little boost to that!

Q: Would you recommend it to a friend?

I absolutely would! In fact, I want to go back for my glutes! The process was so simple, and the aestheticians were knowledgeable and kind. The results are incredible. I would rate Embody MedSpa a 10 out of 10!!