20 April 2022

“Spring” into action by growing your glow!

Spring is a busy time at Embody Medspa as we prepare for the warmer season ahead. Visions of sugarplums are long gone, visions of clogged pores, “maskne” and dry patches, along with freshly formed lines, can easily creep into summer-laid planning. Spring is the perfect time to prioritize self-care, meet with your aesthetician and plan your skincare plan before spring activities fill up your calendar.

Our staff includes some of the best in the business. While under our care, you will be artfully attended to with some of the latest skincare techniques aimed to calm, correct, and prep your bashful winter skin, for the impending heat, humidity, and socialization!

Dry Skin

Do you find your skin itchy or flaky? Moisturizers just aren’t cutting it? Or, do you feel depleted of moisture from within? We have the perfect fix. Try one of our famed Hydrafacials, a customized Moisture Infusing Facial, or a gentle Enzyme Treatment, to replace moisture and hydrate skin.

A Hydrafacial is an easy way to supercharge your skincare program and perk up your skin with zero downtime. As an added bonus, all of our HydraFacial’s include customized boosters and Celluma LED Light Treatment, which increases collagen and elastin, improving firmness and elasticity.

Another option is to contact us to help you design a customized Moisture Infusing Facial. We offer free consultations and can cater your facial to any specific need or concern.

A Gentle Enzyme Treatment has garnered many ‘likes’ as well, with its power to infuse skin with emollients and humectants, replacing moisture and hydrating skin to the max.

Oily Skin

Are you going through boatloads of blotting sheets? Can your skin not handle a moisturizer even with the dry winter air? Do you feel like your sheen can be spotted across the room? Believe me, we’ve heard it all before and we’ve got you covered.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the proof is in “the pudding” as they say – a Hydrafacial is where it’s at – EVEN for oily skin. Somehow the dots connect, your skin corrects, and this magical facial does not disappoint.
Another option is a customized Skin Balancing Facial, something often chosen by those with multiple needs, wanting to get the most bang for their buck. We can address more than one issue at once, saving you time and the aggravation of having to wait for multiple services to see the most fruitful results.

Lastly, a Salicylic Acid Peel is also a customer favorite. Medical grade chemical peels will gently resurface your skin to improve tone and texture. We set out to balance oil production, without drying the skin out, resulting in a clean complexion.

Aging Skin

Do you have “crinkles” and crow’s feet? Are there parentheses around your mouth or quotes in between your eyes? Are you tired of projecting grammar on your face? It’s not the first time we’ve heard it and it’s certainly not the last. Aging skin is inevitable; even if certain friends seemingly have the cure to lifelong youth, the aging process is unavoidable. But, we are here to make it manageable and help slow down the process for you.

Again, our Hydrafacial is an all-around winner for just about every skin concern, and aging skin is no different. Come in for one of these hydrating facials or a customized Plumping and Firming Facial to infuse the skin with peptides and antioxidants to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Redness/Sensitive Skin

Are you prone to rosy cheeks, rosacea, or just finicky skin that can’t seem to agree with any one product? Come on in for one of our customized Calming Facials or a Gentle Enzyme Treatment aimed at relieving redness and irritation with soothing marine extracts.

Sun Damage

Have you spent a little too much time baking in the sun – before realizing how much of a toll it takes on your skin? It’s easy to do and depending on your skin type, it may be very well apparent. Again, check out our Hydrafacial for a refresh or a Skin Brightening Peel which will brighten and hydrate environmentally stressed skin with a blend of vitamin C and humectants. Now, the time is to hydrate your skin before unavoidably exposing it to more sun!

Acne or “Maskne”

As we have told clients time and time again, acne is something we aren’t afraid to deal with here at Embody. Work with us to create a customized Cleansing and Healing Facial or schedule a Salicylic Peel to get a clear complexion that leaves skin smooth and healed.

Contact us here for any further questions involving your spring self-care planning.