1 July 2020

Use It Or Lose It!

Did you know that the average person loses 3%-5% muscle mass per decade after the age of 30? And males will lose 30% in their lifetime? It’s a condition called sarcopenia and it affects both inactive and active men and women. This should concern you because less muscle leads to increased weakness, decreased mobility, decreased balance, and an Sarcopeniaincrease in falls and injuries as we age.

But there are ways to prevent sarcopenia from happening or at least slow it down. The first is through strength training or Progressive Resistance Training (PRT). This involves using weights or bodyweight exercises that challenge the body and absolutely essential for building muscle and getting stronger. The other way to stave off muscle loss as we age is by eating adequate amounts of lean protein as part of an overall healthy diet. Protein is the building block of muscles, helps to increase muscle mass, bone mass, fat loss, and reduce muscle loss.

What else can you do? Here at Embody we also offer a procedure from the brilliant scientists who brought you Coolsculpting called CoolTone. CoolTone is FDA cleared to strengthen, tone, and firm the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Using magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS), CoolTone builds muscle by recruiting more muscle fibers and generating stronger contractions than you could ever do on your own. It’s noninvasive, safe, easy and effective. CoolTone is the perfect complement to your fitness and nutrition program.