Skin Care Andover, MA

One of the most important steps toward image enhancement, quality of life improvement, and social confidence boosting is superior skin care. Staying out of the sun is crucial when it comes to keeping your skin healthy, and you can do this in all kinds of ways, for example, taking shelter in your utility sheds when gardening. However, if you do begin to notice damage, Andover, SMA has skin care experts at Embody MedSpa, medically licensed and certified to help you take care of your skin. Our advanced skin care technologies recongize that different skin types require different treatments, and our techniques help with almost any skin problem, from rosacea to acne scarring. Embody MedSpa is dedicated to high-quality skincare, and we use a unique combination of image consulting and customized treatment plans to help our clients achieve their ideal look and feel. We want to make sure that our clients get the best possible products so they can use them continuously, for example, we have looked at Private Label Anti Aging Cream that we can customize to our brand’s needs, which is important in an industry such as this.

What Is Advanced Skin Care?

Excellent skin care in North Andover, MA takes more than using sunscreen and the right beauty products. Advanced skin care requires comprehensive age management and skin damage solutions, including damage from the sun, scarring, and skin diseases. Your skin is a direct reflection of your health and beauty routine and will look and feel healthy only if you take the proper measures. Let Embody MedSpa help you along the way with cutting-edge technology and skin care procedures.

Advanced skin care means a combination of spa services, such as chemical peels and procedures that are more than skin-deep-like micro-needling and intense pulsed light therapy. Topical skin care is important, but real results appear with these procedures. Review our list of services for skin care in Andover, MA to see all the ways we can improve your skin and overall image. Here’s a breakdown of our most advanced skin care services:

  1. Medical grade chemical peels. Licensed medical aestheticians perform our chemical peels, geared toward total skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. The peel removes the top layer of dead skin on your face, reducing the lines around your mouth and eyes, lessening wrinkles, and making the texture of your skin smoother. It also decreases acne breakouts and evens skin tone.
  2. Eclipse micro-needling with HA, GF, or PRP. Micro-needling is a state-of-the-art skin care technology that uses your body’s natural response to injury to your advantage. Tiny needles make micro-injuries on the treatment area. Supercharged with hyaluronic acid (HA), growth factors (GFs), or platelet-rich plasma (PRP), micro-needling induces collagen and elastin production. This makes your skin look younger and firmer naturally and heals delicate skin care issues like facial scarring.
  3. Lumecca IPL photofacials. Intense pulsed light, or IPL, facials are a safe and effective way to improve the look of spider veins, brown spots, sun damage, rosacea, and skin discoloration. Using high-powered light wavelengths to target the layer beneath your skin, IPL is a remarkable non-invasive way to improve your appearance.
  4. A popular choice for skin care in North Andover, MA, Embody MedSpa performs microdermabrasions regularly for clients who benefit from cellular regeneration and smoother skin texture. Our microdermabrasion procedure uses diamond chip resurfacing technology to remove the outer layers of skin safely and effectively.
  5. HydroPlus infusion. This completely customized exfoliation is ideal for intense skin nourishment. We use a specially-designed tool to infuse a serum of your choice deep into the skin. HydroPlus achieves deep penetration, helping repair skin damage from the inside out.

If you want more than just skin care in Andover, MA, Embody MedSpa also offers face and body tightening, firming, and fat elimination treatments such as Ultherapy, Forma, and Body FX. Learn more about Body FX, a superior solution to body contouring and cellulite reduction. All of our procedures are completely safe and have proven results. We always individualize each skin care treatment to optimize your health and beauty experience using our exclusive image consulting process.

Meet Our Team of Skin Care Image Consultants

Image consulting is a vital part of successful skin care in North Andover, MA. The image consulting process is where our team assesses your current skin conditions and concerns and recommends the best course of action for you. Embody MedSpa works with individuals to promote real changes and improvements to their skin and overall appearance through complete customization. Meet our team of expert image consultants:

  • Melissa Daggett. Melissa is a highly trained medical aesthetician with more than 13 years of experience working at boutique spas. Her focus is on medical grade skin care using advanced technologies and methods for optimum results. She has certifications in medical microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, IPL therapy, micro-needling, and more.
  • Sharon McEntee. With more than 19 years of extensive experience working in medical spas and dermatology practices, Sharon is an expert in the skin care industry. She’s treated clients of all ages and skin types with a variety of skin conditions. Her passion for health and beauty wellness has led Sharon to develop superior skin care regimens and solutions.
  • Lindsey Gillooly. Our on-site aesthetic nurse specialist, Lindsey specializes in Botox and dermal fillers. Cosmetic injectables are an important part of Embody MedSpa’s dedication to skin care. Andover, MA residents rely on Lindsey for the best cosmetic injectable techniques in New England.

Explore our About Us page for more information about our dedicated staff. We promise you’ll feel right at home in our medical spa under the high-quality care of our trained and experienced health and beauty team. Our image consultants are committed to providing top-notch, customized skin care to North Andover, MA clients in need of advanced services.

More Than Just Skin Care

What makes Embody MedSpa’s skin care techniques so results-driven is that we combine typical skin care procedures with all-around health and beauty optimization. We emphasize the importance of proper nutrition and exercise on top of our skin care solutions for the best results possible. Embody MedSpa focuses on lifestyle nutritional changes for real, sustainable weight loss. We offer weight loss coaching, diet analysis, nutritional education, and Detox plans customized to fit your exact needs. Find out more about our nutritional services.

Count on Embody MedSpa for All Your Skin Care Needs

Between our state-of-the-art technologies and unique wellness solutions, we’re equipped to remedy any type of skin care problem. The way you look and feel have an intimate relationship. Improving your skin can help you feel more confident and happy with your appearance. When your outer self shines, so does your inner self. Trust Embody MedSpa for the best in advanced skin care. Andover, MA residents can contact us at (978) 207-0345 to start the journey toward a better, brighter you.