1 May 2023

The Wedding Skin of Your Dreams

Congratulations, you’re engaged! You’ll want to ensure every detail is perfect for your wedding day, especially your skin! Embody Medspa is here to help you get that picture-perfect glow for your big day – but it does take time.

Our skin care professionals will assess your skin care needs and develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your dream skin by your big day. Here is our beauty timeline fit for most brides-to-be.

Six Months – to One Year Before Your Wedding Day

Meet with one of our professional estheticians to address your specific skin concerns. You’ll leave your initial consultation with recommendations and a treatment plan to meet your particular goals. It can take six months or longer to control acne and pigmentation, so give yourself and our dedicated staff enough time to get you the results you deserve.

Update your home skin care plan and stick with it.

We will assess your current home care routine to ensure you’re using the right products to meet your goals. We typically recommend, at minimum, a face wash, a moisturizer, and sunscreen designed with your skin in mind. If you suffer from dark circles or puffiness around your eyes, an eye cream to combat your concerns may also be helpful. Remember, it takes 90 to 120 days to see the results from an updated skin care system, so start early and stick with it!

It’s time to think about Botox or Dermal Fillers.

If you are considering injectable treatments like Botox or dermal fillers, now is the time to talk to one of our registered nurse injectors about your goals and concerns. Botox typically lasts 3-6 months, while fillers typically last 1 year or longer. It’s better to experiment before your wedding, and if you love the results, you can schedule your treatments with your event day in mind. Learn more about our injectables here.

Six to Nine Months Before Your Wedding

It’s time to start treatments, such as peels and lasers, that promote cell turnover and help get you that healthy glow. Great options may include Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, Morpheus8, Microneeding with PRP Injections, and more…. Depending on your goals, treatment plans may focus on diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing acne scarring, improving skin discoloration/brown spots/sun damage or rosacea, restoring a more even skin tone, or smoothing and tightening the skin. 

For best results, we may recommend multiple sessions of treatment.

Six Months Before Your Wedding

Start getting regular facials to help keep your skin in tip-top shape. Your initial consultation will address your goals. One of our most popular facials is The Embody Hydrafacial. The Embody Hydrafacial is a highly customizable experience to meet your skincare needs. At Embody we incorporate specific serums, boosters, and light therapy into your service. The best part? The Embody HydraFacial is beneficial for everyone! A truly individualized experience.

One – Two Months Before Your Wedding

If you decided you liked your injectable treatment, now is the time to do any final touch-ups before the wedding. Botox can take up to two weeks to see full results.

One Week Before the Wedding 

One week before your wedding is an ideal time to receive your final facial. Your last treatment should focus on keeping the skin hydrated. Avoid extractions and peels that might leave the skin red or irritated.

Planning is critical to being ready and feeling your best on your big day. Now that you have a timeline and understand when to start each type of procedure contact us today to get your skin glowing on time for your wedding!