PRP Andover, MA

If you’re looking for an innovative, advanced technology to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, help with pigmentation, and improve scars and stretch marks, Embody MedSpa has your answer with platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. Andover, MA residents can’t get enough of Eclipse micro-needling with PRP—the latest development in age management and skin resurfacing.

PRP treatments help eliminate fine lines, acne, discoloration, and other skin problems in a few easy steps. This procedure is at the cutting edge of technology, using a special micro-needling pen to achieve the best look and feel. Plasma-rich platelets offer unparalleled natural elements ideal for healing and rejuvenating skin. If you’re interested in PRP in North Andover, MA, trust the wellness experts at Embody MedSpa for the best technologies and techniques in skin care.

What Is Micro-Needling and PRP?

Micro-needling uses the Eclipse MicroPen with a sterile needle-tip that contains 12 micro-needles to create tiny, controlled injuries to the skin. These micro-injuries initiate the skin’s repair process, which produces natural collagen and elastin—two elements ideal for smoothing skin imperfections. Embody MedSpa can perform micro-needling and PRP in North Andover, MA in the face, neck, upper chest, neckline, arms, legs, hands, abdomen, and back to enhance the look, feel, and texture of skin.

Micro-needling and PRP work together to optimize the results of the treatment. Platelet-rich plasma is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. For years, people have used PRP to treat musculoskeletal injuries, especially in the sports industry. Scientists have now honed the use of its wound-healing properties for facial and skin rejuvenation. PRP contains several important growth factors that stimulate soft tissue healing, leading to smoother, unblemished skin.

PRP Therapy at Embody MedSpa

Embody MedSpa uses only the best micro-needling technology for PRP in Andover, MA: the Eclipse MicroPen. Currently, this is the fastest and most convenient treatment for shrinking fine lines, scars, and wrinkles. Only licensed professionals like the medical aestheticians at Embody MedSpa can use the MicroPen safely and effectively. The MicroPen has several advantages over other anti-aging devices:

  • The Eclipse MicroPen is safer than products such as dermal rollers. The MicroPen uses medical-grade sterile disposable tips and a patented Turbo safety cartridge. The MicroPen maintains the highest level of safety for most skin types.
  • The MicroPen has a high-speed motor, making it capable of rapid motion. The speed makes the procedure timely and more comfortable for patients, who describe it as a mild sandpaper-like sensation.
  • The MicroPen has variable pen positions, allowing the staff at Embody MedSpa to customize treatments according to your unique skin needs and requirements for the best clinical results.
  • Unlike some other procedures that can lead to variable results, the MicroPen with PRP has safety and control features for predictable, consistent results. Outcomes are improved and reliable for virtually every client.

At Embody MedSpa, we perform micro-needling with PRP in Andover, MA using only the safest and most effective methods. Our licensed medical aestheticians have firsthand experience with platelet-rich plasma therapies and will walk you through the procedure step-by-step. Meet our staff to find out more about us.

What to Expect From a Micro-Needling With PRP Procedure

The PRP procedure doesn’t take long. First, we’ll apply a topical get to the treatment area. This lubricating product will help the MicroPen glide across your skin quickly and easily. Next, in a single motion, the MicroPen will gently press against the skin and glide in one direction, treating the entire area. The procedure feels different for each client and each area. It will be over in a matter of minutes.

Directly after a micro-needling procedure using PRP in North Andover, MA, you may notice skin redness. This is completely normal and will fade within two to four days. Avoid direct sunlight during the first two days after treatment to maximize results. Many people heal completely in 24 hours, especially using a recovery system recommended by your aesthetician. After your procedure, you’ll see a noticeable glow to your skin. Over the course of a few weeks, the collagen and elastin will smooth your skin, continuously improving it for up to six months after the procedure.

We recommend most patients receive a series of two to three treatments spaced about six weeks apart for the best results. If you have deep wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, or advanced photo-aging, you may want further treatments to achieve your ideal look and feel. PRP in Andover, MA will feel different for everyone. Schedule a free skin assessment and consultation today to speak with someone at Embody MedSpa about your individual case.

The Embody MedSpa Approach to Wellness

Your appearance is the first thing people notice about you. Embody MedSpa is here to help you make a wonderful first impression with cutting-edge skin care treatments and full-body beauty services. Our number one priority is making you feel confident in your own skin, enhancing your outer image so your inner self can shine. In many cases, PRP in North Andover, MA is the best solution for clearing away stubborn skin spots and fine lines.

When we look good, we feel good—it’s that simple. Our approach to wellness offers a unique combination of advanced skin care, non-invasive cosmetic procedures, laser services, and nutrition consulting, making us a destination for image enhancement and PRP in Andover, MA. Browse our list of spa and skin care services for more information about what we offer. PRP only scratches the surface of the wellness and skin care services we’re proud to offer our clients.

Discover What PRP Can Do For You

Micro-needling with PRP can drastically change the way you look and feel about yourself. Your face is the thing people see first when they meet you. Make an unforgettable first impression and feel confident with smooth, clear skin. Platelet-rich plasma is the newest technology for men and women suffering from common skin problems. Visit our Facebook page for more information about this service and other modern procedures we’re happy to provide to clients. If you’re ready to try PRP, Andover, MA residents can contact us at (978) 207-0345 to schedule an appointment.