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With a little help from Embody MedSpa, you can now reduce fat in problem areas without diet, exercise, needles, or surgery—thanks to CoolSculpting. North Reading, MA has an expert staff that has mastered the technology at Embody MedSpa. Our team of CoolSculpting certified practitioners will administer the procedure in a safe, comfortable environment with FDA-approved CoolSculpting tools and techniques. During treatment, you can read, watch movies, bring a laptop, or even take a nap. It’s truly a groundbreaking procedure for non-invasive fat removal.

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CoolSculpting Removes Fat Cells in 4 Easy Steps

After observing that some children who ate popsicles developed dimples, Harvard University scientists and doctors realized that fat cells die when brought down to a certain temperature. The popsicles froze and eliminated small pockets of fat cells in the mouth without damaging the skin or other tissues. The scientists discovered cryolipolysis through their study which resulted in the development known today as CoolSculpting. Reading, MA residents have discovered the outstanding results of CoolSculpting at Embody MedSpa, where we’ve mastered the process.

CoolSculpting works in four basic steps:

  1. Controlled cooling. The perfected technology behind CoolSculpting delivers precisely controlled temperatures to gently and effectively target fat cells beneath the skin without affecting the surrounding tissues.
  2. Light pulling. The applicator tugs on the problem areas lightly, pulling the skin and fat into the device to ensure it cools the selected tissue most efficiently.
  3. Cell crystallizing. The targeted fat cells will freeze and die in a process known as Cryolipolysis. The cells crystallize, shrink, and die—never to come back. Fat cells crystallize faster than normal cells, preventing damage to skin, nerves, and other tissues.
  4. Fat cell elimination. Once the fat cells have died, the body naturally metabolizes and eliminates them for good. With diet and exercise, fat cells shrink. With CoolSculpting, you get permanent fat cell reduction.

Since CoolSculpting in North Reading, MA isn’t a surgical procedure, there’s little to no downtime afterward. You can return to normal activity immediately. It doesn’t require any needles, incisions, or anesthesia. It’s a mild procedure that clients can hardly feel. After the initial few minutes of tingling and cold, the skin numbs. Once the treatment is over, all you have to do is wait a few weeks for the results to show and enjoy your slimmed-down body.

CoolSculpting in Reading, MA at Embody MedSpa

Embody MedSpa brings CoolSculpting to North Reading, MA with FDA-approved cooling panels and equipment. Our licensed staff has extensive experience in image consulting and skin and spa services, addressing and treating clients with customized plans developed to deliver long-term results. We use state-of-the-art CoolSculpting gel pads, applicators, and cooling panels during the procedure, and we always ensure the client feels safe, comfortable, and at ease. CoolSculpting is able to target stubborn fat in 9 FDA-cleared areas:

Submental (under the chin), Upper Arm, Bra Fat, Abdomen, Flank/Love Handles, Back, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Underneath Buttock (Banana Roll)

Here’s how to experience CoolSculpting in Reading, MA at Embody MedSpa:

  • Call (978) 207-0345, use our online contact form or visit us in person for CoolSculpting in North Reading, MA for your free consultation and skin assessment. We’ll answer your questions and concerns, tell you if we think CoolSculpting is right for you, and schedule an appointment for the procedure at your convenience.
  • Show up at your scheduled appointment time. Enjoy one-on-one service from our caring clinicians as we prepare you for the non-invasive procedure. Embody MedSpa’s licensed aestheticians go through weeks of training specifically for the CoolSculpting treatment, and they know how to make you feel at home.
  • Get comfortable. CoolSculpting takes 35 minutes per treatment area. During your treatment, you won’t be in any pain or under anesthesia. This means you can bring a device and work, stream a movie, take a nap, or simply relax while your procedure is underway. Our team will do everything we can to keep you happy and comfortable while the device freezes and kills your fat cells.
  • Return to your daily life. There’s no downtime after CoolSculpting. North Reading, MA clients can return to normal activities, go home without assistance, and even go back to work the same day. Since CoolSculpting isn’t a surgery, there’s virtually no recovery time. You may feel numbness, soreness, and tingling, but side effects will be minimal.
  • Enjoy the results. It typically takes one to three months to see peak results from your treatment, but clients sometimes see a change within just three weeks. As your body continues to metabolize and eliminate dead fat cells, you’ll continue noticing improvements for months after your procedure. One procedure is enough for most clients, but you can always schedule additional procedures with Embody MedSpa for optimum results.

Typical CoolSculpting Results

Already, over two million CoolSculpting treatments have occurred worldwide, with an incredible 95 percent average for proven results and patient satisfaction. Many years of research from leading doctors and researchers have proven the science and technology behind CoolSculpting. North Reading, MA clients who are unhappy with certain areas of their bodies can enjoy renewed confidence with lasting results.

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the results of CoolSculpting will endure. Your body will keep flushing fat cells for up to four to six months after treatment, continuously improving the look of your problem areas. CoolSculpting deals with fat, not weight. You may not see a big difference on the scale, but you will in the mirror. Our clients have dropped whole pant sizes thanks to the bulge-reducing power of CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting in North Reading, MA is a permanent fat reduction technology. The fat the device freezes and kills will never return—giving you a thinner waistline, reduced “love handle” area, and slimmer thighs. Embody MedSpa is the ideal location for CoolSculpting in Reading, MA because we’re a full-service spa and clinic. We use a unique blend of skincare, technology, and medical-grade services to give our clients an all-over image enhancement experience.

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Embody MedSpa has expertly trained and licensed clinicians who specialize in CoolSculpting in North Reading, MA. To experience the innovative, revolutionary fat-reduction treatment that is CoolSculpting, Reading, MA residents can call (978) 207-0345 to set up an appointment at Embody MedSpa.