CoolSculpting Andover, MA

To try the procedure developed by renowned Harvard University scientists known as CoolSculpting, Andover, MA residents can come to Embody MedSpa. With all the latest technologies and highly trained staff members, we’re the medical spa locals trust with their minds, bodies, and spirits. From corrective facials to cosmetic injectables, we’re your premier destination for medical grade skincare.

What Is CoolSculpting?

Sometimes, no matter how often you diet and exercise, there are still areas you can’t flatten. The number of fat cells we have will be the same from adolescence throughout adulthood. When we feel overweight, we lose confidence and often feel miserable. It’s perfectly normal to want to feel great and if that means getting a mommy makeover, then do it! Until now, liposuction was the only solution for eradicating some of those cells. Now there’s a fast, easy, and non-invasive procedure that can eliminate these fat cells for good. CoolSculpting in North Andover, MA has never been easier or more attainable than at Embody MedSpa.

Scientists and doctors developed CoolSculpting technology after discovering that fat is sensitive to cold whereas other tissues are not. When fat reaches a certain temperature, the cells die from the inside out, while the skin remains unaffected. This is why spas like have started offering this option, as the body then removes the dead fat cells naturally, sculpting and flattening areas such as the:

  • Stomach and abdomen
  • Flanks (“love handles”)
  • Submental (under the chin)
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Bra Fat
  • Underneath the Buttock (banana roll)

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This is done without surgery, needles, or anesthesia. CoolSculpting in Andover, MA uses patented cooling technology to remove fat cells non-invasively. The equipment gently suctions and cools the problem areas you want to remove, causing little to no discomfort during the procedure. Embody MedSpa makes the process as comfortable as possible. Many of our clients bring laptops and relax during their procedure. You can even schedule CoolSculpting in North Andover, MA at our convenient location during your lunch break and return to work afterward.

Who Should Try CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is ideal for people who want to improve those stubborn areas and don’t want to undergo surgery such as liposuction. This minimal procedure is ideal for busy, active people who want to remove stubborn fat quickly and easily. It’s excellent for men and women with problem areas that they can’t seem to get rid of with a healthy diet and regular exercise. CoolSculpting eliminates these areas without the need for surgery.

CoolSculpting is a simple, straightforward procedure clients can undergo with ease. Throughout the process of CoolSculpting, Andover, MA clients will enjoy one-on-one attention from our skilled staff of licensed and experienced image consultants. Learn more about our staff today. We communicate with you throughout the procedure-answering any questions, keeping you comfortable, and making sure you feel confident in your decision.

The CoolSculpting Experience at Embody MedSpa

CoolSculpting is non-invasive and only takes 35 minutes per treatment area. The more treatments you have, the better your results will be-but many people see results after a single treatment. With CoolSculpting, North Andover, MA clients attain a 25 percent fat reduction in the area we treat, meaning a slimmer waistline and less bulging. The first step is to visit Embody MedSpa and schedule your free consultation and assessment. We’ll sit with you and come up with an individual treatment plan perfect for your body and goals.

Next, we’ll schedule an appointment for CoolSculpting in North Andover, MA, where we are conveniently located. Our office is nestled between Martins Pond and Harold Parker State Forest, a serene environment for our services. You’ll feel at home in our wellness facility, where we’ll show you to your treatment room. The CoolSculpting procedure has five steps:

  1. Get comfortable. Our staff makes your comfort a top priority during CoolSculpting. Andover, MA clients we’ve had in the past have entertained themselves with mobile devices or a good book, gotten work done, and even fallen asleep during the procedure. We provide pillows, blankets, and a calming atmosphere.
  2. Position the device. A trained aesthetician will place the FDA-approved and safe CoolSculpting gel pad and applicator on your body where we’ve pre-marked the areas you want to improve. Our medical staff goes through weeks of training for this procedure and can expertly navigate the system and equipment.
  3. Initiate procedure. The device finds the exact temperature to freeze fat cells, triggering a natural cell death in a process known as Cryolipolysis. It gently pulls the problem areas and applies the cooling technology at the same time. In the first few minutes of the procedure, you’ll feel pressure and intense cold. This feeling soon dissipates into numbness.
  4. Relax. The procedure takes 35 minutes per treatment area, during which time you can do whatever feels most comfortable to you. You may feel some slight tugging, pulling, tingling, and numbness, but no pain. Meanwhile, your fat cells are freezing and dying, leaving behind only the “good” cells.
  5. Enjoy the results. You can return to normal activities immediately after the procedure while your body does the rest of the work on its own. Results can show as early as three weeks after treatment, but peak outcomes happen between one and three months following the procedure. The CoolSculpting Andover, MA team at Embody MedSpa knows you’ll love the real you!

At Embody MedSpa, you can achieve your ideal shape with help from CoolSculpting. This incredible technology has unparalleled success in the field of non-invasive fat reduction and has helped thousands of people around the world meet their physical goals. Dieting and exercise doesn’t always eliminate pouches of skin and fat on the body. When you need an extra fat-loss boost, CoolSculpting is one of the easiest and most effective long-term solutions available.

Get Started With Your CoolSculpting Procedure

Embody MedSpa is dedicated to improving the quality of life and social confidence of each and every one of our clients. Thanks to our unique combination of cosmetic injectables, laser services, and advanced skin care, we’re the premier destination for non-invasive image enhancement in New England. We’re proud to bring residents CoolSculpting in Andover, MA with highly qualified image consultants who truly care about our clients and their concerns.

If you’re ready to give CoolSculpting a try, trust Embody MedSpa to take care of everything. From the free initial consultation to the final follow-up after your non-invasive procedure, our team will ensure your satisfaction. Like us on Facebook for the latest news from Embody MedSpa. To schedule an appointment or for more information about CoolSculpting, North Andover, MA residents can call Embody MedSpa at (978) 207-0345.